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Whoops, nearly a year later!

Sometimes you make plans and they happen. And many other times, life gets in the way. Things happen where you forget how to log into your website, becoming unable to edit it. A dissociative mind is a complex one for sure! And yet, it knew what it was doing.

I'm not where I wanted to be with this site or beginning this business. There is such a learning curve and it's not really my skillset. But the good thing is, I've got new perspective. I've learned new things about myself and new ways to advocate. And I finally figured out this morning how to get back into the site!

I chose the kaleidoscope as a metaphor for my business because it shifts and changes, it depends on the colors, prisms, size, patterns, shapes, and so many other things. Mine got stuck in a pretty dark place for the past year.

It finally shifted to brighter colors. I'm excited to bring some fresh new energy with me. Here's to a reset for all who need one!

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