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Healing Together Conference 2023

This is my first year attending the Healing Together Conference, for those living with DID, OSDD, CPTSD, therapists, and supporters, in-person. It was a team effort by people back home in MA, as well as those attending the conference to help me get here. And I am so glad and grateful to be here! It is put on by An Infinite Mind.

I've never experienced anything like this. We can be whoever we are, in any given moment, and not only is there no judgement, but odds are high someone will join in with you, if desired. It's truly magical. Meeting people in-person, who's stories you identify with, and knowing you aren't alone, is priceless. So many of us attending have never felt like we fit in anywhere, well we've found that place for 2.5 glorious days.

There are amazing presentations; all of us who are presenting, or on panels, are volunteers, plus we come here out of our own pockets. The board is an all-volunteer board. Everything is thought of, feedback is valued. There were close to 700 people attending between virtual and in-person as of yesterday. If you need a break, you can catch up what you missed. There is a sensory room, grounding area, crafting, and so much.

I wish it was easy to explain what its like to find an entire room full of people like you. I wish I could put the power and magic of this conference, how much healing happens just by being here, into words. I can't. It's an experience all its own. I long for the day when this is a norm, to be accepted and valued anywhere you go, for whoever you may be, but until then, I'm so glad HT and AIM exist.

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