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We are a company helping people navigate through life's transitions. We provide customized premium case management for individuals and their families looking for help at any point within the lifespan. We provide education and consultation to clinicians and medical providers, with a focus on dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorder. We provide education and awareness about disability, accessibility, and inclusion.  Coaching and consultation are available on individual and group levels. These can be one time sessions or happen more frequently. If you are not sure if Callie can help, reach out and ask. Callie is available to speak and present to your organization on any of these topics and more.

Callie wants to be clear that she is not providing psychotherapy at this time. 

Why Kaleidoscope Minds?

A kaleidoscope uses fragments of colored glass to create unique and beautiful patterns. Each part contributes to the whole. It reflects light and layers over other patterns. The number of patterns are infinite and are always unique. The pattern is always in transition, as we all are. 

Callie, the founder, of Kaleidoscope Minds resonates with the metaphor on many levels. She is disabled, having been born with a hearing loss, and uses assistive technology to hear. She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and lives with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Major Depression.

Callie spent many years feeling broken and that she didn't belong anywhere. Help was hard, if not impossible to find. Callie became a master at finding resources to help herself, and now wants to share the knowledge with others on similar journey, and their helpers. Callie is an LCSW but is not providing therapy services at this time.

Like the kaleidoscope patterns, Callie is unique and thinks in unconventional ways. She wants to share the information to guide people to live their best lives and embrace the beauty within the fragmented humanity in which everyone lives.

Why a Unicorn?

The logo for Kaleidoscope Minds is a Unicorn because Callie has been told more than once that she is a unicorn, or heard professionals speak within her presence about people like her being unicorns, not knowing one is in their midst! On a personal level Callie loves the hope and magic the unicorn symbolizes to her. The unicorn design has a stained glass horn, to represent a kaleidoscopic view.

Callie would like to credit and thank Kailey Demi for bringing her idea for the logo to life. 

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