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Image is a kaleidoscopic pattern with bright pink hues and circles.

More About Why

Callie chose to create Kaleidoscope Minds for many reasons, but the main reason is that she wants the freedom to be her true authentic self. We often hear that there is no shame in seeking help for mental health conditions. Yet Callie has found that the mental health field still tends to operate from a stigmatized and ableist perspective. Many clinicians do not feel they can be open about any lived experiences they might have, for fear of reprimand and reprisals, including loss of job and even licensure. Calle is disheartened by this, especially because she believes that when clinicians can be open about what brought them to the field, it can benefit everyone. We are all people and our personal stories inform our journey. 

Imagine being able to ask your provider or a colleague who has the professional and educational experience of a therapist for advice about a client you are treating with a trauma history, AND knowing that you are also getting the benefit of personal experience. You are getting a true expert view. That should be a norm, but it isn’t because mental health professionals have internalized stigma and shame. We are afraid to be our whole selves at work.

If you are a therapist, Callie can help you understand what your client may be going through but not quite able to voice. She can assist you in finding credible resources and trainings. Callie can especially assist in areas about trauma, dissociative disorder, dissociative identity disorder, depression, and misdiagnosis. Callie has sought many different types of treatment, including ketamine therapy and electroconvulsive therapy. If you have clients considering these treatments, Callie can consult with you (and your client if desired) and talk about her experiences and what led her to try these treatments. 

Callie has worked with many individuals with intellectual/cognitive disabilities, so if you are struggling with helping a client access therapy modalities, Callie can help you tweak the design and make it accessible. 

If you are in therapy, Callie can consult with you (and your therapist if desired) if you are looking into other treatment options and have questions. Maybe you need to talk to someone who understands your experience from having lived through something similar. 

If you are a supporter of someone, Callie can help you understand what may be happening and how to best support this person, while making sure you are taking care of yourself. 

This is just a tiny slice of what Callie offers and can do. Not sure if she can help? Reach out and start a conversation!

Callie is not providing psychotherapy services at this time. 

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