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A Leap of Faith, A New Start

A year ago, on March 1st, I started my first job as a therapist. I am grateful for the experience and growth it provided me.. This year, I'm taking a leap of faith and starting my own small business, Kaleidoscope Minds. I will not be offering therapy, although I may in the future. I was extremely fortunate to work for an open-minded company where I did not have to censor myself as much as I normally would need to in the workplace. Things have changed in my life and I've decided that the time has come to fully live out loud and be authentically me. I believe I do my best work this way.

Switching to a coaching, education, and consulting type of practice allows me to use my experiences and share when appropriate. Of course there are lines that cannot be crossed, as well as boundaries, to protect myself, and you, as my client. I am not a substitute for therapy, so in some cases I may require that you be working with a therapist in conjunction with me. But I know firsthand that sometimes talking to someone who gets it, from having been in a similar situation, can help people move forward in their therapy or lives in general. Sometimes you just need to know someone got through it and know you will too.

I will be offering a variety of services. Some of this includes concierge case management, helping people find the resources they need. It could be health care, nursing homes, residential treatment, IEPs, how do I qualify for benefits, any number of things. End of life care and decisions, and how to talk about it and set it up. A lot will be similar to coaching, with the benefit of my knowing various therapy techniques and theories. Advocacy is available in multiple formats, including remote and in-person.

I will be offering 1:1 sessions for disability support and education, for both disabled people, and parents of disabled kids. Based on interest, there may be the possibility for some groups to form for additional support. For those living with dissociate disorders, peer support and guidance are available, as appropriate based on the individual's needs.